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At Chrispy Products IT Services is now rebranded as 6+one media!. The transfomation is nearly complete as we produce our bran new site. At 6+one media we live and breath websites. We create, we develop, we nurture, you grow. We apply proven technologies and best practice design philosophies to produce world class websites that are made to impress and made to last.

Incorporating a modern, efficient business structure we are able to quickly adapt to projects large or small, drawing on years of industry experience from web design, web development, content management, contextual writing, advertising, marketing and more.

It's our principle to make your experience as easy and cost effective as possible.

Latest Project

Out latest project is for Kings Dominion Empowerment Centre. Born from the vision of Pastor Dynamique Ndele and now in it's 2nd revision. You can see a sneak preview of the website by clicking on the picture below:


Latest News

6+onemedia logo

Chrispy Products IT Services is refocussing and rebranding.

We are no longer accepting new clients for IT services and are focussing 100% on website development. A long standing passion and strength of our company, websites now brought to life under the banner of 6+one media (new site coming soon!).

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